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Refrigerant Air Dryers

Why our air dryer is better?

Our air dryers are equips with expansion valve and hot gas bypass valve instead of cheap capillary tube.

Only a handful of expensive branded air dryers in the market are equipped with it. But now, you have found one that is as good and reliable to meets your budget.

Why expansion valve is better than capillary tube?

Expansion valve

The expansion devices used in compressed air dyer systems can automatically regulate feon gas flow rate to suit required criterion of temperature and cooling load in variable compressed flow changes. And it allows 10% of under and over charge of feon gas and still works in control as in its top performance.

With additional controls the capacity of compressor and temperature, so as to minimize the energy consumption and breakdown.

Capillary Tube

A capillary tube is a cheap long, narrow tube of copper with constant diameter. Its mass flow rate is totally dependent upon the pressure difference across it; it cannot adjust itself to variation of load effectively and are easily clogged off.

They are only good for equipment like fridge, for constant temperature and load most of the time.

Unlike in production operation, you will have high and low usage timing.

Several manufacturers equipped them in their machine just to save cost to meet the market price.