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Air Dryers

Water and moisture are often undesirable elements in an industrial environment, as they can corrode machinery, cause wood to rot, and encourage the growth of mould – all of which negatively impact your bottom line. When it comes to air compressors, which pressurise large volumes of air over time, moisture and other contaminants can cause the compressor’s motor and valves to deteriorate, as well as cause issues in any other equipment that utilises the compressed air. This is why air dryers are such important pieces of industrial equipment, as they remove these contaminants, helping you avoid the costs and downtimes associated with equipment breakdown and repair. 


AirNergy Compressor Services offers a range of the best air dryers in Singapore to ensure that your industrial operations remain moisture free. With refrigerated, desiccant, and membrane dryers available to suit your requirements AirNergy can help you select the right air dryers to suit your specifications in terms of flow rate (amount of air processed), dew point (the temperature at which moisture condenses), and pressure drop (amount of pressure loss through drying). It is important that these specifications be met to ensure that your production runs at its optimum conditions.  

We also provide a selection of accessories for air dryers, such as filters, regulators, and lubricants, in addition to offering supplementary services such as maintenance and repair. AirNergy is the partner you can trust when it comes to all things compressed air  in Singapore, as we have over 40 years of experience in the field. From the distribution and sale of equipment such as screw-type and piston air compressors to their installation, maintenance, and overhaul, we have the expertise and drive to meet client needs every time. Contact us today!

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