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The Role of Screw Air Compressors in Singapore's Construction Industry

Similar to their counterparts around the world, operators in Singapore’s challenging and highly competitive construction industry need to rely on several heavy-duty tools and processes to get the job done right. Several of these are powered by compressed air, which means that air compressors are a necessity in this industry.

Due to this high demand, there are a variety of air compressors available on the market. However, the compressors most commonly used on construction sites are rotary screw compressors, also known as screw air compressors in Singapore. But what makes contractors opt for rotary screw compressors in Singapore over their counterparts, namely piston-type compressors? To answer this, we first need to look at how screw air compressors function.

How Do Screw Air Compressors Work?

A screw air compressor uses two closely meshing spiral rotors within a chamber to compress gas – think of two screws spinning against each other in opposite directions. The two rotors keep continuously pushing gas through them without making much contact, which makes them ideal for constant use. They can deliver a steady flow of compressed air over long periods of time, while the electronic controllers in screw air compressors allow the output pressure to be adjusted to the level required by the specific operation.

Applications of Air Compressors in Construction

As mentioned, air compressors are invaluable tools on construction sites and support a variety of processes by boosting productivity, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining safety. Screw air compressors in Singapore are used for several applications, as listed below.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools – such as drills, jackhammers, impact wrenches, nailers, sandblasters, and more – all require a source of pressurised (or compressed) air to function. These tools offer significant advantages over manual effort, including increased productivity, reduced operator fatigue, and improved precision. However, on a construction site, these tools need to be used constantly in different locations.

This requirement for constant operation is one of the main reasons for the popularity of rotary screw compressors in Singapore’s construction industry. Screw air compressors provide a reliable and continuous airflow, which allows these pneumatic tools to be smoothly operated wherever required. The steady output of compressed air ensures that these tools deliver a consistent output, which is particularly important in building construction.

Production and Laying of Concrete

Concrete production is a fundamental part of any construction project, and screw air compressors play a key role in this process. Concrete mixers, pumps, and sprayers often require a source of compressed air to transport and shape the concrete mixture. The flow of concrete is controlled by pneumatic systems to ensure precise distribution in a construction project, which ensures the quality and stability of the building’s walls.

This process requires a consistent flow of compressed air over a period of time, which is another reason for the importance of screw air compressors in Singapore’s construction industry. When it comes to building foundations, structural elements, or pavements, rotary screw compressors ensure the smooth and consistent delivery of concrete, making them vital in the construction process.

Surface Preparation

In any construction project, surfaces need to be properly prepared to ensure the adhesion of paints, coatings, and other finishes. This calls for surface preparation methods such as sandblasting, in which a jet of abrasive particles is forcibly propelled on the surface to remove rust, paint, and any other contaminants. Sandblasting equipment requires a stream of compressed air to shoot out this stream of particles at such a speed.

Screw air compressors ensure a steady stream of air to sandblasting equipment, consistently providing the force required to effectively clean and prepare surfaces. Whether it's refurbishing structures, preparing steel surfaces for painting, or creating a smooth surface for tiling, screw air compressors ensure efficient and thorough surface preparation, contributing to the quality and longevity of construction projects.

Auxiliary Utilities

Construction sites often require various additional utilities to support operations, such as pumps to extract excess water or clear dust. Compressed air is required for the equipment used in such functions, which may need to be carried out at short notice. Screw air compressors can provide a steady stream of pressurised air whenever required, further proving their effectiveness on construction sites.

Benefits of Screw Air Compressors in Construction

Several features of screw air compressors make them particularly suited to the construction industry. These include:

Versatility: Screw air compressors can power a wide range of pneumatic tools and equipment.

Efficiency: Despite a comparatively higher initial cost, rotary screw compressors in Singapore tend to be more energy efficient, lowering their operational costs in the long run.

Continuous operation: As they are designed for continuous duty cycles, screw air compressors can be operated non-stop without a performance drop, making them ideal for construction projects that require constant work under tight deadlines.

Durability: The design of screw air compressors makes them durable, meaning a project will be less likely to suffer from unexpected downtimes due to equipment breakdown.

Effective Screw Air Compressors in Singapore From AirNergy

Construction industry operators choosing an air compressor will often get the most benefits from a screw air compressor. However, the type of compressor alone will not decide how effective it is; you will need to ensure that your compressor supplier is providing you with a quality piece of equipment.

This is why you should partner with AirNergy Compressor Services for your air compressor needs. As an industry veteran that prides itself on giving clients the best advice, AirNergy will ensure that you do not incur any needless costs when implementing solutions. Airnergy also offers a full range of compressor-related products, such as air dryers, lubricants, and parts, as well as effective maintenance and repair services. Contact us today for a one-stop solution for all your air compressor needs.

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